Animals & Pets: The wiki!

We love pets/animals! Hope you do too! Sweet, lovely pets and beautiful, dangerous animals, but still so soft and adorable. We will describe every animal in a unique, easy understandable way.

You may contribute, edit, and help if you wish. You can add data, correct our mistakes and whatever you may want as long as it is animal related. All you need is just a account ^^.

Discussion Post

You can discuss about animals, (like , whats your fave?) , or discuss about your lovely pet. You can also ask questions to others, you might find a answer after some time.

Galleries / photo's

We will be adding photo's of our own or on the internet (with credit , of course ! ) if you have one of your own, you can add it! We would be pleased to have some photo's in addition.

Pages to be added

If a page your looking for doesn't exist, please tell us! In a discussion post you can also add questions or suggestions about anything. If telling us what animal you want to be added, we will add it as fast as possible. If the page does exists already, we will send you a link to it.

If you can't find an animal because you forget how it's called, you can ask in the discussion label with a picture of it or describe it. Someone might know the name.

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