Birds are one of the animals we can keep as pets.

There are many different bird species, each with it's unique lifestyle and food.

They are the only known animal with feathers currently.

Birds have different types of beaks. Smaller ones are mostly used to eat insects and worms. Larger ones to eat insects and other things. The parrot has another unique form-beak. It can break crackers and nuts.


In the nature, birds (depending on the type)

eat various things. Like Worms and insects.

Compared to the eagle and owl who eat animals like mice and bunnies.

As pet, they might eat other things like seeds, and special-made bird-food. Most of them live in a cage, but a bird would feel better to fly freely around.

Bird Types

As mentioned, there are many other species of birds. Each of them has a unique lifestyle. Eagles and the other hunter-type birds can softly hover with their special feathers. They do eat smaller animals. A eagle can also carry 3x it's own weight.

Smaller bird species like sparrows do eat worms and insects. They do live 1-2 years respectively. The cuckoo lays it's eggs in other nests so the child would be safer. The cuckoo knows she can't care for the egg because she herself nearly finds nothing of food. They eat a special type of food, so that explains it. They only come on a depending time.

And so, there are many, many more.


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