Cats are one of the animals you can keep as pet, also known as the 'Housecat' . The Cats and Bigger Cats have an group name: The Felidae or The Felines.

Cats are known as fluffy, adorable pets which love to hunt.

Cats have each an unique personality: Some don't like to be lonely or some just wish to be left alone. You can notice that if they come to you. If coming, they want your attention (or just food). They might also scratch you if they don't want to be petted or just don't like you.

Cats aren't colorblind, but can see colors hardly. Cats see yellow, blue and grey.


Cats are born for the hunt. If being closed up in an building (ex. an apartment) they won't be able to hunt. Then they would have plenty of toys. Lasers can also help to awaken the Hunter feeling of your cat. They will try to catch the laser. Only problem is that if you remove the laser out of their paws, they feel like 'where's my prey, did i do it for nothing?' . You will need to give them something in return to prevent that feeling.

if having an house with big and flat rooftops, letting your cat walking on them to adventure is a great option. My Own Cat uses to do that everyday. She can hunt for food herself. After that, she always comes to us for attention . You should to that too for a happy and healthy cat.

When your cat runs around like a craze, you should throw something or play with a rope. The cat should catch it. This is her hunting instinct.

Cat Food

Cat's do naturally eat many things in the nature. (Ex. Birds and Mice).

But, normal cat food from the shop is fine. You could to keep your cat healthy choose a food pack with different bags. Each bag can have different tastes. Most popular are Fish and Chicken.

So can your cats eat different pieces of meat, and stay healthier.


Photo's own respectively to their owners.


When they aren't agressive, they just lie down, asking attention or just sleeping. When hating something or is beign alerted it moves it's ears very strangely and looks everywhere.

When they have fear, there fur will become really thick, finally having a angry/scared meow as result.

Bonus: Spiritual Animal

Many people believe that they have a spirit animal.

The cat has a loving, respectful, calm, chill, sleepy spirit.

If having nearly all of them, your spirit might be a cat.

Wild Cats and Domnestic Cats

There are Domnestic Cats and Wild Cats. Wild Cats (which are untamed) , are found in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Most Cats live in Forests, but some also in Mountains and other locations. There are around 40 species of cats, and these include a bit bigger cats tho.

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