Dogs are another one of the animal species available as

pet. They are known as furry, active animals who are very playful. You can train them to learn tricks.

Some of them also love destroying things. Some of them are very alert. Some small, some big. So has the dog like every other species it's own types and species.

Dog food

Just like the cat, dogs may want to eat different things to stay healthy.

Chocolate is Poison

For dogs, Chocolate is Poison. They can die from it: So whatever you do, don't feed them Chocolate. It's pretty dangerous. If eating chocolate yourself, try to keep it away from your dog(s) for it's own safety.

Playful tricks

If you have a good bond with your dog, you may want to learn it tricks. Just like: Give paw!

which of course, means that the dog must give you a paw.


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